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Water Transfer Printing film YH-284 | 60cm BROWN BURL

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Technical specifications

Width: 60 cm
Thickness: 40 µm
Material: PVA (Poly Vinyl Alkohol)
Soaking time: 180 Seconds
Color recommendations: RAL9003

Water transfer print films consist of a transparent polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) layer, which is printed with a variety of decors. The ink layer is then sealed. The PVA layer dissolves on contact with water. After that, the seal is dissolved by an activator (a special type of solvent) and only the color layer remains. The ink layer adheres to the immersed workpiece and behaves as a lacquer layer after drying.

Quick start guide

The optimum water temperature for the processing of water print films is 32° Celsius. In cold weather up to 34° Celsius.
The water transfer print film should be cut on all sides at a distance of 1 cm to avoid coiling when placing on the water surface. Please do not stick with adhesive tape because the film cannot rise during the soaking process (If the PVA is dissolved, the film “relaxes” and the surface size increases minimally).
After the specified exposure time, spray the film at a distance of 20-30 cm in crossway direction with 25 to 45 g/m² activator (depending on the motif, since strongly printed films need more activator).
The workpiece can be immersed after approx. 15 seconds.
All components which are not made of ABS plastic must be primed before dipping (for example by lacquering).

After approx. one minute, the workpiece should be washed with 42° Celsius warm water (do not use a strong water jet, parts of the film could dissolve).


The coloration shown may differ from the original film depending on the output device. In order to obtain a comparable result with the image, the background of the color recommendation should correspond to the selected water transfer print film.


0,4 µ
60 cm

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