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Ergebnisse ()

Who we are

The company Perfect finish was founded in 1995 under the name of L & G GbR.

From the outset, the focus of the company was on the water transfer printing.

Since 1997, the company focuses on Water Transfer Machines, Water Transfer Films and related accessory materials.
From then on, the production of films offered, was constantly further developed.
In 2005, the L & G GbR was transformed into the Perfect Finish GmbH.

A special feature of the Perfect Finish GmbH is that the machines are completely
developed and manufactured in Germany.
Noteworthy is the fact that our services extend from private customers, small businesses,
to large industries.
The machine portfolio expands from small sampling equipments for exhibitions up to
production lines of 20-30 meters as the development always occurs in our own house.
Perfect Finish GmbH has a tradition of more than two decades, which has proven itself through experience, professionalism, quality and excellent service.