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Article number: 20113461;0
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From 1 LFM 5.00 * /LFM
From 100 LFM 4.17 * /LFM
From 500 LFM 2.98 * /LFM

Specifications and short instructions:

- The water must have a temperature of 32 ° C

- 60cm width / 3 minutes soaking time / 40µm thick

- It must not be provided with an adhesive tape edge, it must be engraved all around with small sections at a distance of 1 cm

- After soaking for 3 minutes, the film is must be sprayed with Activator; the objects must be dived 15 seconds after activating

- A pre-painting or priming is necessary for all objects which are not made of ABS plastic

Product description:

1 Meter YH-259 Water Transfer Printing film

- Ideal in order to provide complex objects with a pattern

- easy to learn

- a coating is possible without a machine


- to buy several meters simply increase the quantity you want to purchase


- The film may look different from the pictures in natural form

- if You should order several meters they are rolled up on a roll

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